Love has no age limit—just look at these elderly couples

Elderly couple holding a sign that says "It gets better with age."
These elderly couples show us what love and life is all about. Photo courtesy of BoredPanda.

We already know that finding love, whether it’s the love of a pet, a hobby, or a person, has no time limit or expiration date. Speaking of love, we love this compilation of photos of elderly couples showing us that it’s never too late to try something new and also that you’re never too old to display your passion and affection.

Photos courtesy of BoredPanda

A couple swimming in the sea holding hands.

Wife's wrist was compromised and couldn't do her own hair, so her husband lent a helping hand.

She had surgery on her wrist, so her husband lent a helping hand.

Wife squeezing her husband's bottom.

Keeping it fresh and playful.

Wife in the car turned over.

When their car flipped over, they made the best out of a bad situation and snapped a photo while she was still inside.

An elderly couple dancing in the streets.

Dancing passionately in the streets.

Elderly couple getting married again.

Getting married again on her 100th birthday.

An elderly couple flipping the bird.

Flipping the bird.

An elderly couple where husband has his hands on her bottom.

Being cheeky after all these years.

An elderly couple skateboarding.

Always try new things.

A couple with t-shirts that say "return to Jan" and "I'm Jan."

This is as funny as it is clever.

A wife hitching a ride on her husband's shopping cart.

Don’t forget to enjoy the thrills in life.

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