10 reasons we’re excited about winter

Snow day
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No matter how you feel about it, there’s no denying winter. Its inevitability may lead some to despair, but they shouldn’t! There’s plenty to love about the colder months. The snow is beautiful, our favourite sports are in season, and nobody is going to complain if you want to spend the night curled up at home. Here are ten reasons we’re excited for the snowy season—and why you should be too!

1. That first snowfall

Winter landscape

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Is there anything more romantic than taking a walk when those first few snowflakes start falling? Watching as your neighbourhood turns into a winter wonderland is one of those things that makes this such a magical time of the year.

2. Hitting the slopes


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We can’t wait to get our passes and head for the hills! Going skiing, snowboarding, or tubing are some of the best ways to spend a snowy weekend. Let’s hope we get plenty of powder this year!

3. Curling up with a good book

Reading a book

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Winter weather is a great excuse to curl up and delve into a new book. Nobody is going to blame you for wanting to stay in, and spending a sleepy afternoon curled up with your favourite characters is positively divine.

4. Hot (boozy) drinks

Hot drinks

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This is the season where hot, boozy drinks start appearing on menus and around the fireplace. Eggnog, hot buttered rum, mulled wine, and hot toddies are all cocktails that are both seasonally appropriate and delicious.

5. Celebrating the holidays

Celebrating the holidays

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Let’s not forget that winter means the holidays are approaching! Who isn’t excited about getting to eat big dinners with family, exchange gifts with loved ones, and celebrate the new year?

6. Exploring snowy landscapes

Snowy landscape

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People might think hiking and camping are activities best saved for the warmer months, but exploring the great outdoors in the winter is so much fun! Familiar landscapes are completely transformed, and you can try out new activities like snowshoeing or cross country skiing when you hit the trails.

7. Snow days

Snow day

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There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you see several feet of snow glittering outside and know you’re not going anywhere! Even if you just end up working from home, there’s always time for a 15 minute snowball fight break.

8. Warming up indoors

Warming up

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The best part of venturing out into the snow is returning home and warming up. Getting the fire going, bundling up in your comfiest sweater, and curling up with your special someone really gives you a sense of peace and comfort.

9. Going skating

Ah yes, the most Canadian winter activity of all! Whether you’re playing a game of shinny, going around the oval with some friends, or showing off your layback spin, lacing up and slicing across the rink is so much fun.

10. Clementines


Photo by Nuovastoria

Sometimes it’s the little things that make you excited for winter’s arrival. These tiny golden globes are a favourite treat from December on, ensuring we don’t get scurvy and making everything a little more delicious.