10 writers who found creative success later in life

Stan LeeLaura Ingalls WilderRaymond ChandlerFrank McCourtJulia ChildBram StokerGeorge EliotCharles BukowskiAlice MunroMarquis de Sade

From cookbooks, to comics, to novels these writers prove that life experience only enriches the written word.  In an era where everyone seems obsessed with the top 30 under 30, it’s important to remember that creativity only gets better with age.

The newest literary wunderkinds have a lot to learn from these 10 amazing writers. Everyone on this list only started getting traction in their careers after they turned the big 3-0, and many didn’t even start writing until their 40s!

So, whether you’re returning to the craft after a long sabbatical, or feel like your work is only now getting good, don’t loose faith in your capabilities. That first big novel may be just around the corner—it was for these writers.