5 great workouts when you’re over 60

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At this age, maybe your stamina just isn’t what it used to be, or perhaps you’re a bit worried about overdoing it and injuring yourself, but that doesn’t mean that exercise is out of the question. Whether you’re a seasoned gym rat, or just looking for a way to start getting active, there’s plenty of options for those who are over sixty and looking to stay fit: it’s all about choosing an activity that’s right for what your body needs, but that is less intense in it’s difficulty and duration. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Cardio dance classes

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Aerobic dance burns calories, works the heart, and is great for people of all fitness levels and ages. Many studios offer adult dance classes, and many gyms offer classes like Zumba or Barre (branded names for latin and ballet inspired dance fitness). While these classes might be hot with people of all ages, classes which might be filled with younger folks shouldn’t intimidate you, as many of these workouts can be modified to fit your ability. If a one hour class seems like a lot, end early or skip a set and breathe and rest instead.


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This is the probably the simplest (and most affordable) way to get in some much needed physical activity. If you do have access to a gym, walking on a treadmill during bad weather is a way to keep up with exercise (and maybe some television on the treadmill while you’re lucky). Walking outside is a great way to get in touch with nature, and with the changing seasons now is the perfect time to start.

Simple core workouts

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Many people over 60 struggle with back and spinal issues, so core workouts tend to be quite intimidating and worrying for whom this is a problem area. If you’re a beginner, visiting a physiotherapist is a great place to start for an evaluation and treatment, and most can advise you about what exercises will be best for you. There’s plenty of options for both men and women when it comes to online exercise guides, but consulting with a doctor or other health professional first is always a good idea.

Partner dance

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Like cardio dance classes, partner dance is a great cardiovascular workout that is also fun and entertaining. While the waltz might not give you the “burn” that the gym does, it’s a great way to get in some light exercise and stretching, and also pick up a new talent that keeps your mind-body connection in tune. Looking for an excuse to spend more time with a best friend or significant other? Here’s a great one.

Aqua Fitness

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Water-based fitness—whether you’re swimming lengths or engaging in more playful forms such as aqua fitness classes—is a great workout for those with sensitive joints. If you have any injury, disease, or condition that prevents you from doing regular exercise, swimming is a great option that burns body fat, increases muscle strength and flexibility, all while being easy on your body.

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