5 reasons why May is the most underrated month

Spring blossom trees with sun shining through.
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While some of us might be longing for summer to arrive, it’s worth the time to stop and take account of all the lovely things that this in-between period offers us. May might not be the mid-summer month of your dreams, but it’s full of all the things that make spring and the brighter part of the year so special. Flowers bud, the sun shines, and new seeds are sown into the fabric of our lives. May is awesome, trust us.

Summer vacation season “officially” begins

Senior Couple Relaxing In Hammock

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Get ready for a season of backyard barbecues, weekends at the cottage, or beautiful day drives and hikes. In most parts of Canada, Victoria Day (Monday May 23) or the “May two four” weekend and in the United States, Memorial Day (Monday May 30) act as our excuse to get the summer parties started (and enjoy a much deserved long weekend).

The sun is (mostly) shining

A couple walking in the park in the sun.

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While many of us might still be dealing with the tail end of April’s showers, May seems to be the time when the sun finally starts to really shine. The days are noticeably getting longer, which just screams “summer is coming!” and should have you and your internal clock getting excited for the season. Slather on some sunscreen and get out and soak in the vitamin D!

May flowers, of course

Senior couple walking in meadow, focus on foreground

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If you’re lucky enough to be experiencing something like spring where you are, May flowers are slowly starting to make their appearance. Tulips and daffodils pop up in the most surprising places (just around Mother’s Day, how fitting!) and seem to act as bright flags to usher in the new season. Neighbourhoods become more beautiful, spotted with bright colours, and the smell of blooms and freshly cut grass fill the air.

It’s a time of growth

Senior couple holding a plotted plant and walking in the garden together.

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May Day (May 1st) or Beltane is a traditional spring celebration revered in the Northern Hemisphere. For many, May 1st is celebrated as International Worker’s Day, and for others, it’s a time to honour the newly budding plants and seeds which are—like us—beginning a new cycle of growth. What the two holidays have in common are their recognition of the power of commitment and intention; laborious efforts to start new projects as well as to create and commit to new goals, habits, and ways of life supported by the spring season. What new things are you growing in your life?

The great outdoors

Happy couple with their dog walking in the woods.

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If you’re not a cold-weather person, May is your best friend (who might still ask you to bring a sweater along to the party). It’s a great time to start getting outside again and there’s plenty of ways to do that: having a drink or dinner on a patio, riding your bike, taking leisurely walks while stopping to smell the flowers, firing up the barbecue, or planting a garden. It might still be a little chilly, but the signs of spring are here, so get outside and take them all in!

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