5 ways to stay active through the fall

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While the summer tends to be the most active time of the year for many people, come the fall, it can be a challenge to sustain the healthy lifestyle you’ve maintained over the past few months. Things might start to feel busier, and the weather may throw a few curve balls your way as we enter into the darker part of the year. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t fit in some fun everyday activities and weekend adventures that will keep your healthy summer habits going in one way or another. Here are five great suggestions for fall fun that will get you off the couch and out the door!

Long walks in nature

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While we most often associate summer with outdoor activities, the fall is a great time to get out into nature and enjoy the beauty that the season offers. Whether you have access to a ravine or trail in your area, or perhaps you need to travel a bit to a nearby park or nature reserve, take the time to enjoy all of gorgeous colours appearing at this time of year (and get some light cardio in this fall).

Fall gardening and yard clean-up

Raking fall leaves.

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While our summer lawns, plants, and gardens may be on their way out, they do need a bit of care to keep them tidy as winter rolls in. Whether you spend time cleaning up weeds and pulling out dead plants, or adding new additions to your garden for fall, you’ll be tuned in to the rhythms of the fall season, and getting physical while you do it.

Go back to class

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Fall is a great time to take up a new activity, so consider picking up a class that will both inform and exercise you. Try things like dance, low-impact martial arts (qi gong, tai chi, gentle forms of kung-fu), step classes, or another fun cardio class. September is usually the start of new terms at many multi-session exercise courses, so it’s a great time to start. Don’t let the start of classes be a deterrent either— you can often join a session a few weeks late.

Get into the harvest

Senior man apple picking with a little girl.

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Going apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch is a fall tradition for many—if it’s something you haven’t experienced before, or in awhile, give it a shot! If you’re a seasoned veteran, skip the tractor ride out to the back of the orchard and take the long walk to get there instead. Reaching, bending, picking, and lugging your bounty home may be a workout in itself, but a few extra steps never hurt anyone.

Celebrate the season


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Walking the streets or fields of a fall festival, or getting lost in a corn maze are two fun seasonal activities that provide just the right amount of activity, and can be done in groups of all ages. Bring the whole family, and make an extra effort to chase the little ones if you need an extra boost to your workout for the day.

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