6 easy, cheap, and life changing travel hacks

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Organizing your belongings before a trip is something that we all must attend to, and while this is something that some of us excel at, others might need a few pointers. Maybe you’re already feeling like you’re a travel expert; you’ve got your packing list down to a minimum, and of course, you know that rolling your clothes is a much smarter solution than just folding the contents. You’re mostly a pro, but here are a few great travel tricks that cost next to nothing and will have even the most seasoned traveller (or inventive DIYer) impressed and more orderly than before.

Wrap up your clothes, prevent wrinkles

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While rolling up your clothes may make the best use of space in your suitcase, if you’re bringing delicates that you’d rather not wrinkle, wrapping them in tissue paper helps to prevent wrinkling from coming into contact with other garments. The best thing about this trick? You can get tissue paper at the dollar store for next to nothing.

Keep your suitcase smelling fresh

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Add a dryer sheet or other fresh-smelling item to your suitcase. You can also use unopened packs of incense or potpourri sachets for the same purpose if you dig a scent that’s a little out of the ordinary.

Tube your travel toiletries

Pixie stick tubes for cream and rolled up tape and permanent marker.

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Only heading out for a few nights? And you thought travel size, was minimal! Use straws to package up one use size toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, or skincare products. Simply fill them up and tape off the ends. If you’re camping, chances are you might not be doing as much grooming as usual, and lugging your whole toiletry bag to the showers just seems to take some of the carefree camping vibes away. This is a much lighter load!

(Pill) box up your bling and baubles

A pill box organizing jewelry.

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A pill organizer is good for more than just keeping you on top of your medication; it’s a great way to organize small bits, like earrings or other small accessories. If you’re the type that plans your travel outfits one per day, this is also a great way to visually plan so that you only bring what you need.

Keep your cords neat and tidy

A glasses case used to hold a phone charger and ear buds.

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While you can buy plenty of fancy organizers for your cords in stores, an eye glass case does more or less the same job when it comes to packing up headphones, USB cords, and small chargers. Another quick trick involves using a bulldog clip to wrap your headphones around to keep them tangle-free.

Keep your collars in line

Shirt and collar and suitcase.

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This trick solves the problem of how to best arrange less flexible items in a suitcase. Collared shirts and belts never really seemed to have a natural or best way to be packed in a suitcase, but now that we’ve seen this way of arranging them, we’re never going back. So smart!

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