7 dishes that will spice up date night

Couple holding hands over dinner and drinks
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Preparing a delicious and sensual meal is a great way to kick off a romantic evening—and the perfect activity for a couple to do together. Whether you want to stuff yourselves with something super luxe or keep things light and flirty, these seven recipes will add a little spice to your special evening.

Caviar and Champagne

caviar and champagne over luxury table

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Start the night off with a classic appetizer of caviar and bubbly. The salty roe will add a sense of glam to your evening—plus, the high-end meal most likely isn’t something you’d indulge in on an average day. There are plenty of guides on how to select and serve the delicacy, just make sure you go somewhere that will let you have a taste test before purchase—that way you know exactly what you’re getting.

Ash-cooked oysters with butter

Ash-cooked oysters with butter

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Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac—they’re packed with zinc, which helps in testosterone production—and are another great dish to start the evening with. This baked recipe is a twist on the classic idea of oysters on the half shell, and the burnt butter adds a delectable, velvety flavour.

Brown butter risotto with scallops

Brown butter risotto with scallops

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Talk about a triple threat! This luscious recipe combines classic Parmesan risotto with pan-seared scallops and nutty browned butter. The great thing about making risotto is that it’s a dish that needs a lot of attention—so you and your sweetie will be stuck in the kitchen working together until it’s ready. Plus, you can’t make this Italian classic without opening up a bottle of wine!

Cacao and chili-rubbed steak

Cacao and chili-rubbed steak

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Cooking a special cut of steak on a special day—like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary—just makes sense. What makes this particular method perfect for a romantic meal is the addition of the cacao and chili infused rub. The sweet and savoury tastes are truly sensuous, and both chocolate and chili have been shown to give you a special boost if you know what we mean.

Smokey cheese fondue

Smokey cheese fondue

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This throwback dish may have fallen in popularity since the 1970s, but fondue is actually a great date night main. It’s fun to assemble, you can choose a wide array of crostini, seared meats, and fresh veggies to dip, and you can even feed each other your favourite combos. It’s part activity, part meal—perfect for a playful dinner for two.

Sorbet with Prosecco

Sorbet and Prosecco

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To wrap things up, try this subtly spicy cocktail/dessert combo. You can use store-bought raspberry sorbet and mix in some black pepper to add complexity. Serve it in a coupe glass with a splash of sparkling white and a dainty spoon. It’ll cool your palette, and warm you both up.

Chocolate soufflé

Chocolate souffle

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This super rich, delicate dessert will impress your guest—and it really isn’t that hard to make. As we’ve already mentioned, chocolate is a natural stimulant, and the amount of dark chocolate in these soufflés definitely feels sinful. This level of decadence is a great way to end your meal, and kick off the rest of the night’s activities.

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