Natalina is bringing authentic Italian to Canadian kitchens

After a career in banking, Natalina decided she wanted to do something creative. She moved to Italy with her family for a few years and when she returned to Canada she realized how hard it was to find authentic Italian food made with fresh ingredients. Propelled by a desire to share the cuisine she experience in Italy with Canadians, Natalina opened La Cucina di Natalina, a cooking school based out of her home. Now, she teaches her students how to cook simple, beautiful Italian food using authentic ingredients and produce grown in her own garden.

Natalina’s love of photography helped her promote her new business on social media and she quickly developed a devoted following on Twitter and Facebook. Her digital friends are now popping up in her classroom, learning how to make the dishes they first saw online.

Learn more about Natalina’s growing business in part two of this series.