Saturn, Mars, and the Antares star align in the night sky

A star shower.
Photo by SKY2015/Shutterstock

We witnessed the fascinating Perseid meteor shower, but there’s more stargazing to come this week. The three celestial bodies Saturn, Mars, and the Antares star will align in the night sky on Tuesday (Aug. 23) and Wednesday (Aug. 24) after weeks of being clustered in a triangular formation. According to an article by World Nature News, those hoping to catch a glimpse of the night’s formidable display will need to look southwest of the sky—assuming that clouds won’t get in the way. It’s been said that the lineup will be at its clearest on the 24th. National Geographic News states that Mars will shine a touch lighter compared to Antares’ glow. So, grab your backyard telescope or binoculars and enjoy the show!

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