That’s Art: Graffiti Artist Dan Witz

Not unlike other well-known graffiti artists, Dan Witz has to constantly reinvent his approach to art on his preferred canvas: the streets. The threat of finding his work torn down by fans or police is often realized and has forced him to get creative—and not just with his work. Dressing up like a highway patrol worker clad in an orange vest and hard hat enables him to finish his pieces while going largely undetected. Although known and respected in the art world with showings in galleries and editorial features in pubs like New York Magazine, Witz’s dynamic art has yet to find itself in the hands of the big time collectors—and in his opinion, that fact keeps him “lean and mean.” Always hungry for the next great idea and an even more clever execution, you can find Witz’s work on the streets and in galleries in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Paris.

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