W.H.O. says that coffee might prevent cancer

Coffee cappuccino with foam or chocolate smiling welcome happy face in restaurant or hotel.
Photo by Photo Africa/Shutterstock

According to a leading panel of experts assembled by the World Health Organization, drinking coffee might help ward of certain kinds of cancers—among other things. Opposing opinions by the panel in 1991 suggested that coffee was “possibly carcinogenic” and had direct links to bladder cancer. However, extensive research has found that drinking coffee regularly has contributed to lower rates of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, neurological disorders, as well as various cancers. The New York Times reports that while many of the health benefits derived from coffee are based on observational studies where cause and effect cannot be proven, the sheer amount of studies that point to coffee as being good for our bodies has led to health authorities promoting the beverage as part of a healthy diet. So, go ahead, and have yourself another cup of joe!

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