Who wore it better? Fashion trends over time

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While the past couple of years have seen a major resurgence of 1990s fashion trends, it’s not the only decade making a comeback. But, who wore it better: The past or the present?

Bell-Bottoms: 1970s vs. 2016

Bell bottoms in the '60s vs. 2016

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Bell-bottoms started out as part the mandatory uniform for officers in the navy, but were quickly appropriated by hippies in the 60’s and discotheque-ers in the 70’s. While bell-bottoms are mainly worn by women in 2016, they were once popular for both sexes, usually worn high-waisted and with a belt. This year’s bell-bottom fashion doesn’t see many changes, although today’s pants are usually made with denim instead of polyester, and are designed in a way that is much more flattering on the body.

Winner: 2016 – Thanks to the lower riding design and not having to tuck everything in, today’s design is much more versatile.

Overalls: 1990s vs. 2016

Overalls in the '90s vs. 2016

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Started in the 19th century as the protective clothing for tradesmen, such as miners, railway workers, farmers, etc. Then in the 1990s, they became popular in mainstream fashion, especially when worn with one, or both, straps undone. Think Will Smith in Fresh Prince, or better yet, Rachel from Friends. Jennifer Anniston rocked those overalls (as did many hip hop artists at that time) until everyone wanted a pair of their own. The overall is making a comeback now thanks to rompers. Onesies are just so much easier, and there is something comforting about a front middle pocket. Unfortunately, today’s overalls have been combined with skinny jeans.

Winner: Rachel Green because she’s just so darned cute.

Skinny Jeans: 1960s vs. 2016

The Rolling Stones and Justin Bieber in skinny jeans.

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

It might be really hard to believe, but just like denim and bushy beards, skinny jeans were not invented by hipsters. Skinny jeans were actually introduced in the 1950s as the pants of choice for Hollywood cowboys. Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger were ambling around the Wild West in their very own thigh huggers. However, the 1960s brought them into the front lines of fashion, thanks to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who wore their skinny jeans to show off their sex appeal to young women, and frighten parents with their album covers. Today’s skinny jeans are worn by everyone; they aren’t trying to make a statement. They’re actually really practical for life in Canada in 2016; they fit inside winter boots, don’t drag on the ground, are even more fashionable with rips in them, and they won’t get caught in your bike chain.

Winner: Mick Jagger, 1960, because he has so much more swagger than Justin Bieber.

Turtle Necks: 1800s vs. 2016

A turtleneck seen in the 1800s vs. 2016 with Olivia Palermo.

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The 1800s was a more conservative time when it came to fashion, so buttoning up all the way to the top was completely normal. Turtlenecks were part of high-fashion, along with corsets, bustles, and other uncomfortable articles of clothing. In 2016, the turtleneck is worn to either keep you warm, or to accentuate your figure (male or female). It’s the perfect item to wear when you want to appear conservative, but still show off your shape. It’s also the perfect item for blistery days when you want to snuggle.

Winner: Present day because, well, so cozy!

Cropped Tops: 1990s vs. 2016

Tori Spelling wearing a black crop top in the'90s vs. a stylish person wearing one today.

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Bare midriff because popular thanks to the overwhelming success of Flashdance, and Madonna’s Lucky Star video. However, there isn’t really one person who stands out as the forerunner of 1990s cropped top fashion because literally everyone was wearing them. The Spice Girls wore them, Cher from Clueless, the girls (and Slater) from Saved By The Bell, TLC, Will Smith, the cast of 90210, and the list goes on and on. Today, the crop top is usually worn with high-waisted pants or a skirt, and are more modest than the cuts from the 1990s. Today’s crop top reveals at most an inch of skin, sometimes leaving only a sliver of space between the top of the bottoms and the bottom of the top.

Winner: Sorry Tori Spelling, 2016 wins because in this case, less [skin] is more.

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