10 easy ways to update your look this spring

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Spring always seems like the perfect time to shake things in your life up just a tiny bit, and many people see the season as a chance to do away with the old and usher in the new. Lots of us turn to spring cleaning to revitalize our homes, a new exercise routine to energize our bodies, or take on the mood of spring—bright and sunny—in an attempt to revitalize our minds.

While fashion and style makeovers might seem a little unwieldy to some, just like the way one simple but effective spring cleaning and renovation project can have drastic effects (organizing a closet, changing the colour of paint, giving one area a great shiny clean-up), changing one thing about your daily look can create a dramatic looking change with very minimal effort.

Give colour a try

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Spring is the perfect time to try out a new shade you’ve been admiring – whether it’s the hue of the moment, or an inspiring selection from the budding world around you. If you’re looking for colour in your clothing, dare yourself to place less emphasis upon matching and aim rather to find something that will integrate itself well into your wardrobe: try a brightly coloured button down or tie, a bold jacket, or a colourful but functional accessory like glasses, a scarf, or a bag as a way to pop in some unexpected colour.

Get a really great haircut

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A new haircut always looks fresh and clean and for those who may only go for a trim a few times a year, a new hairstyle can be a rather dramatic change. While you might have a look in mind, allowing your stylist to choose (or at least make suggestions) for a new cut is a great idea. If it’s someone you’ve been seeing for awhile, they may have in their head a look they’ve always thought you’d look great in (but were afraid to suggest). If picking a new stylist, go on recommendations and years of experience. Bespoke salons in metropolitan cities are great for this.

Freshen up your face

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Switching skin care at the turning of the seasons is a ritual of sorts, one that many of us remember to attend to, and others, not so much. If cosmetics aren’t your thing, adding a simple moisturizer with sunscreen to your morning routine is a nice way to welcome spring while protecting your skin. If you’re looking for something a little bit moreadd a gentle exfoliator to wash away the winter dryness and brighten your skin. If you’ve got a cosmetic bag, now’s the time to clean it out and replace old products (and a perfect opportunity to try a shimmery powder or moisturizing, fun lip colour).

Try something new

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You’ve cleaned out your closet, leaving a hole in your wardrobe that the (approaching) nice weather has got you itching to fill. Replacing worn out garments with their replicas might be a good approach sometimes, but daring yourself to try a something out of the ordinary is always a bit of fun. Opt for a bold patchwork piece rather than your go-to plaid, or seek out compellingly cut everyday wear dress as an alternate to a top and bottom look. If you’re stuck buying the same slacks time and time again, free yourself and try everyone’s new favourite, comfy pants that are actually stylish.  

Spice up your shades

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Treating yourself to a great pair of sunglasses is a super easy way to bring your look up to date. While it might not seem like much, most of us will reach for our sunnies on a daily basis, so having a great pair that you love can really make a difference in how you’re feeling about your look. If you’re more for neutral colours (i.e. black or brown) then grabbing a fun shape can add interest without being too overpowering. A dash of colour (rose tinted glasses anyone?) can be a fun addition for those more inclined for a bright pair of specs.

Replace your spring coat

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In some of our climates it seems to switch from winter to summer without that lovely stop over we call spring, but for others, the spring coat is as much a part of our look as our winter parkas. If that faithful jean jacket is looking like it’s seen better days (and it’s not verging on a cute ‘retro’ look) it’s time to replace it and consider your options. Are you in need a good crisply tailored trench or something more sporty? Try pops of colour or bold prints if you’re feeling like a bit of an adventure.

Get a statement scarf or shawl

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While it might not be wintery cold anymore, there’s always a chance of a light chill in spring so having a great seasonally appropriate scarf around is key. Big scarves make of light materials and decked out in bright hues or bold prints are a fun way to keep cozy while the wind is still crisp. Even opting for a light wrap or shawl might be a great option depending on your tastes and needs.

Strut a new pair of shoes

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Replacing a worn out pair is not only an investment in your health, but choosing a stylish pair is also a great investment in your look (bonus!). Choosing a pair of summer sandals, deck shoes, or sneakers that not only treat your feet well, but add a point of interest to your outfit is a really easy (and practical) way to update your look. Choose something that stands out, but easily goes with much of your wardrobe. 

Mix prints instead of match them

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Easy enough, right? It might seem a little daring for some, but it’s actually a ton of fun and a great way to try and get more out of what you already have in your wardrobe. Plus, it’s totally on trend, which means a few extra cool points for you (as if you needed them). Often our impulse when we invest in a great new piece with a bold print is to try and pair it with a solid complementary garment (black tank top, solid pants, etc). See if a print might make for an interesting pairing. You’ll be impressed with your own creativity.

Recycle something old

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Now is the time to take that amazing dress or sentimental suit you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet out and give it some tender loving care. See if patching it up or getting it altered might give these kinds of items some new life (sites like Pinterest are chock full of ideas). Some seamstresses love these challenges, so shop around and see what you can come up with if you’re not the crafty type. Plus, you’ll have a great story to tell when someone compliments you on your unique piece.

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