Learn to take dynamic outdoor portraits

The first rule in photography is always have your camera with you. You never know when a great opportunity will arise and if you don’t have your camera on your person you’ll miss the moment. In this tutorial, photographer Pierrette Masimango shows us how to frame your subject within your natural surroundings and how to use the outdoors to your photographic advantage. Unlike studio photography—which can be a bit boring or stiff—a natural setting with a particularly good-looking environment will only add dimension and depth to your photos. Different settings offer colour, texture, and will make your photos more dynamic. Using a Canon EOS M3, a mirrorless camera that can accommodate numerous types of lenses, Pierrette talks rule of thirds, vantage points, and to blur or not to blur when it comes to creating stunning portrait photos. Just see for yourself and you’ll be a pro in no time…

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