10 fashion rules to abandon

High heels in different colours.
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Rules are made to be broken! Throwing aside fashion rules is what the truly stylish have always done. Don’t let society put you into a box; break out those white sneakers in September, put on as many accessories as you want, and wear whatever cuts and patterns flatters your frame. It’s 2016, and you should be making your own rules.

White after Labour Day

A woman wearing a white dress.

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This is an age-old fashion rule, but if it’s okay to wear black in the summer, why can’t white be worn in winter? So many designers are starting to realize that white is a year-round colour, no matter if it’s white boots, a white sweater, or even white pants. While this doesn’t mean you can wear your linen pants on a crisp autumn stroll, as long as you’re wearing season-appropriate fabrics and styles, you can wear all the white your heart desires.

Wearing jeans to work

This rule used to make sense when everybody wore a power suit to the office. However, most modern offices have a more casual approach to fashion, and many designers are keeping that in mind when they design office-ready denim. Dressy-jeans are the perfect answer to comfort, while still appearing professional and office appropriate, especially when paired with a blazer. Think dark denim, boot/straight cut (for women to wear with heels, and men to wear with dress shoes), and skip any extra flair, such as rips, fading, or fancy stitching. And, if you want to grab a drink after work, you won’t even have to change first!

Your shoes, bag, and belt, and shoes should match

This ancient rule no longer applies, even a little bit. In fact, you are encouraged to ensure that your shoes, bag, and belt don’t match at all. When you match everything together, you date your style, and appear older than you are. If you want a fresh, modern look, mix and match! It will make your outfit more interesting, and it also allows you to be so much more carefree when getting dressed in the morning.

Tall women can’t wear heels

A tall woman in heels.

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Thanks to female equality and feminism, this rule can be abolished forever. Women no longer have to be shorter than their date, because that is an unrealistic expectation for both tall women and short men. It was also a rule that encouraged women not to draw attention to themselves, which is ludicrous. If you want to wear heels with your new dress, 2016 fashion rules are certainly not going to stop you from doing just that. Embrace your height and show off those long legs!

Sock with sandals

This has been a fashion faux pas since the first time a dad ever decided to wear mid-length socks with his outdoor summer sandals. While it used to be seen as an embarrassing fashion decision, it is now seen as bold and trendy. It all started with tights, which were introduced to peep toe shoes several years ago. When it’s cold out, many women need to keep their legs and feet warm, but that no longer means that they have to give up wearing their high-heeled sandals, or super cute open-toe booties. Just remember, it’s a statement, so steer yourself towards fun designs and patterns instead of plain black socks.

Take off one accessory before leaving the house

A woman wearing a lot of jewelry.

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Okay, if you’re feeling weighed down by the amount of accessorizing you’ve done, then maybe you can remove something. Otherwise, you are free to accessorize however you desire. Don’t stop at just one necklace; layering different pieces can end up looking fabulous, especially if you also stack up your bracelets as well. If you want to wear a necklace, a bracelet, earrings, a scarf, and sunglasses, do it! Being unique and idiosyncratic is one of the best ways to ensure fashion success.

Shorts are only for summer

Abandoning this rule expands your wardrobe and gives you the freedom to incorporate your favourite summer pieces into the cooler weather. When summer fades to fall, but you still want to wear your shorts, there is one easy solution: tights. Throw on a pair of tights underneath and it’s business as usual. Thin nylons and thick leg warmers can both be worn, depending on the style you’re trying to achieve. As long as you stay away from summery prints and fabrics, you can wear shorts all the way through the New Year.

Denim on denim is a no no

It used to be that only cowboys wore denim on denim, making it against the rules for anyone who couldn’t ride a horse. Thanks to denim’s major fashion comeback, it is now encouraged to wear a complete outfit made from denim. Just to be clear, the Canadian tuxedo is still something to avoid, so make sure you’re pairing one piece of dark denim, with one piece of light-washed denim.

No short skirts after 40

This is one of those rules that should be abandoned because even the gods of fashion can’t tell a woman what to do with her body. Just like bikinis are now safe for the over thirty crowd, short skirts can be worn by the over forty. And why not? With the right skirt (it’s all about the cut) and the right shoes, even mini-skirts can keep it classy. Forget age-appropriate styling, and just wear what make you feel, and look, good.

Loose clothes for plus sizes

A plus-size woman in a dress.

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This is a fashion myth that has been plaguing women for decades. Loose and flowing clothing doesn’t flatter a larger frame or bust size; in fact, it hides any real shape and can make things appear larger than they are. The smallest area on any woman is just below the bust, so emphasizing the area with a structured, high-waisted shirt or dress is the best way to make you look smaller, and will flatter your curves.

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