10 things we’re looking forward to this winter

Snow covered trees in beautiful light
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Winter is on its way, and there’s lots to look forward to. Yes, you read that right. Stop focusing on the negative and start looking at all the good things that come with those bone-chilling temperatures. If you’re having a tough time getting images of snowed-in cars, slushy sidewalks, and skidding tires out of your mind, we’ve put together a list of what we love about winter most. The common theme? A lot more indulgence and, somehow, less guilt.

1. The excuse to stay inside and do nothing

A child and her dog looking outside the window

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Most will agree that by the end of the summer, you feel downright exhausted. Sure, part of the reason is because the season’s so short and you have to pack up the car to head out of the city every chance you get. But that’s also why you should welcome a slow season like winter, when it’s totally acceptable to stay in all weekend and finish an entire book.

2. Hot drinks

A warm drink

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With so many food and drink blogs online, there’s never been a better time to enjoy winter treats like hot chocolate. Combining a packet of powder with some boiling water isn’t bad, but to make the calories worthwhile, consider adding some crushed up candy cane, cinnamon and allspice, or even a chunk of a chocolate bar like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

3. Sunny escapes

An airplane

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It’s a simple equation—the colder the temperature outside, the more fun it is to plan a tropical vacation. Even if you can only get away for a week, heading to an all-inclusive in the Caribbean or a yoga retreat in Bali is the perfect way to recharge, and will (hopefully) satisfy your sun craving until spring.

4. Big sweaters and scarves

Folded sweaters and/or scarves

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Not only are winter clothes cozy, but all of those bulky, woven fabrics are also extremely forgiving. If you embrace some of the season’s looser-fitting trends, you’ll spend little to no time in front of the mirror each morning.

5. Indulging in comfort foods

Homemade mac and cheese

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Winter is the ideal time to feast on creamy pastas, hearty soups, warm sandwiches, and cheesy, well, just about anything. You can turn on the stove for hours without worrying about your home turning into a sauna, and all those cozy sweaters do a great job at hiding the extra calories.

6. Evening snowfalls

A woman's boots walking through snow at night

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No matter how much you hate bundling up every time you step outside, no one can deny the magic of watching snowflakes gently fall past the glow of the streetlights.

7. A fresh start

A plant with ice

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One of the best things about a change of season is the feeling of starting anew. But if winter’s arrival doesn’t make you want to clean out your closets and set goals the way spring or fall might, there’s no better time to wipe the slate clean than the new year.

8. Curling up around a fire

Family cuddled up by fire

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It doesn’t matter if it’s inside or out, warming up around a roaring fire is undoubtedly one of the best things about winter, only second to waking up from a sleepy haze after dozing off next to a roaring fire.

9. Strapping on skis again

Skis in the snow with mountains

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Anyone who loves to ski knows what that intense itch to get back on the hill feels like. If you don’t, we recommend picking up a winter sport. The feeling is so strong, in fact, that it tricks you into thinking snow is actually a good thing.

10. The peace and quiet

A peaceful winter scene

Photo by Skreidzeleu/Shutterstock

If you do get the courage to head outside, you might be pleasantly surprised. With half the population hibernating, everywhere from the grocery store to the hiking trails near your house are less crowded, and thus, way more enjoyable.

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