20 breakfast hacks to make the most of your weekend

When one of our too-few long weekends finally arrives during our too-short summers, we’re too busy firing up the grill, enjoying the water, or hitting the beach with a cooler full of chilled Coronas to be bothered with preparing a big breakfast.

Fortunately, there are some genius breakfast hacks out there to make your mornings quick and tasty. To make long-weekend mornings at the cottage a cinch so you can find your beach, we’ve compiled 20 breakfast hacks that are easy to make and easier to enjoy.


“Grab & go” muffins

Grab and go muffins

Make these “muffins” ahead of time, and you’ve got a quick, protein-filled breakfast for a crowd. (Recipe)


Waffle maker hashbrowns

Waffle maker hashbrowns

Use your waffle maker to make crispy hash browns in about half the time it would take in a skillet. (Recipe)


Crock pot breakfast casserole

Crock pot breakfast casserole

A crock pot and a pile of traditional breakfast ingredients are all you need to make an overnight breakfast casserole. You can also assemble the ingredients and bake them in the oven as well. (Recipe)


Pancake apple rings

Pancake apple rings

Dip apple rings in pancake batter. You can make the batter from scratch if you’re feeling ambitious, but otherwise, use the boxed stuff. (Recipe)


Simpler scrambled eggs

Simpler scrambled eggs

Make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Not so great for a crowd, but if you’ve only got one or two people to feed, simple’s the way to go. (Recipe)


Crock pot French toast

Crock pot French toast

If you’ve got a crock pot at the cottage, you can use it to make eggy, bread pudding-y french toast. (Recipe)


Crispy microwave bacon

Crispy microwave bacon

Cook your bacon in the microwave. Yes, it really works. Yes, the bacon turns out crispy. You can also use a panini press, but this is easier. (Recipe)


Re-heatable pancakes and waffles

Re-heatable pancakes

Make a double batch of pancakes or waffles, then freeze the extras. Next time you want breakfast, pop a couple in the toaster. (Recipe)


Easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs

Easy to peel eggs

Hard boil at least a dozen eggs at a time. Instant high-protein breakfast. (Recipe)


Protein-packed ricotta

Protein ricotta

Use ricotta instead of cream cheese for an extra protein boost. To class it up, spread it on crostini with fruit preserves.


Dippable pancake pops

Pancake pops

Stick a lollipop stick into pancakes for easy dipping (no cutting required). (Recipe)


Homemade smoothie packs

Homemade smoothie packs

Pre-make frozen packs for quick morning smoothies. (Recipe)


Assess your eggs

Assess your eggs

Wondering whether your eggs are still fresh? Fill a bowl with cold water and submerge them. If they sink, they’re safe. If they float, it’s time to toss them. And if they stand on one end at the bottom of the bowl, time’s running out.


Big-batch bacon

Big batch bacon

Need of make a massive batch of bacon for guests? Try making it in the oven. (Recipe)


No syrup, no problem

Homemade syrup

If you wake up with a craving for pancakes but you’ve run out of maple syrup, here’s a quick-fix solution that will save you from running all they way into town. (Recipe)


Shredded butter

Spreadable butter

Few things are more frustrating than spreading rock-solid butter. If your butter is too hard, use a grater to shred and spread.


Boil-in-a-bag omelet

Omelet in a bag

Boil-in-a-bag omelets are perfect for low-tech cottages and camping. (Recipe)


Stuffed French toast

Stuffed French Toast

Stuff your french toast for a little extra specialness. (Recipe)


Bacon egg cups

Bacon egg cups

Got eggs? Got bacon? Then you’ve got bacon egg-cups! (Recipe)


Poach eggs in olive oil


For a decadent treat, poach your eggs in olive oil instead of water. (Recipe)