5 cool ways to display your travel photos

A photo collage of yachts, coast, lighthouse.
Photo by tomertu/Shutterstock

You’ve got tons of travel photos, but what to do with them? Now that the world’s gone digital, we’ve left the family photo album behind, and let’s face it, flipping through a folder on your computer desktop just isn’t the same. One of the best ways to get the most out those amazing photos you took on vacation—whether they’re collecting dust on your hard drive or in the shoebox in the back of the closet—is to consider displaying them in a unique way in your home.

Skip the ikea canvas art, and opt for something more meaningful, creative, and personal. Try these 5 great DIY travel photo display projects on for size!

Create a one-of-a-kind coffee table book

A photobook.

Photo by grass-lifeisgood/Shutterstock

This doesn’t hang on your wall, but it still puts your photos on display, with the added bonus of a tactile experience (just like the good old days). Blurb allows users to publish high quality, professional looking photo books, avoiding the poor image quality found in many print on demand photo books.

Map it out

A map painted on a wall with photos.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Travelled a lot? Maybe you took a lengthy trip with multiple destinations, and would like to commemorate the journey. Use a store-bought decal, make one yourself, or try out this cool atlas corkboard. This is a simple project that tells a great story.

Spell it out (and then some)

Photo collage with text.

Photo courtesy of Athelesabroad.wordpress.com

This is such a simple concept with a totally professional looking result. Make or buy some stencils to put your scenic photography to good use in a bold and informative way. The addition of keepsakes and clippings to these shadowbox frames is a great way to put scraps to use and keep memories safe and stored away.

Make your own postcards

Photo postcard on the wall with strung up photos.

Photo courtesy of mylifestyle.pixnet.net

Hanging postcards on a string is a cute and classic way to display them, but printing your own postcards takes the concept to the next level. If you like, mix a few souvenir postcards into the mix and see if anyone can tell the difference. Printing postcards can be easily done through websites like Touchnote or you can make your own postcard with an app like Piknik and print it yourself at a nearby photo printing location.

Circle or square?

Photos on the wall in a decorative display in a heart.

Photo courtesy of decoist.com

If putting your photos onto a decorative display board (codename for a fancy cork board) or even just pinning them to the wall seems like the best approach for you, experiment with spacing and arrangement. Try circles, squares, checkerboard, etc. This will make it look more like a work of art, rather than just a collection of pinned photos. The best thing about this approach is the ease with which you can change your photos as you acquire new ones. Make it a seasonal task to mix things up!

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