5 desserts to serve instead of pie this Thanksgiving

Butterscotch Caramel Cheesecake

There are pie lovers and pie haters, and regardless of which you are, you likely know at Thanksgiving dinner there is going to be pie. When it comes to pie, I sit somewhere near the middle, I don’t love pie, but I also don’t loathe it. I also get a little tired of the routine around Thanksgiving. Because of this, I often look to put a new spin on the old favourites, and dessert is a great way to do that.

An easy way to approach your Thanksgiving dessert is to be inspired by the season. The ingredients you’d typically put in your pie (i.e., apples and pumpkin) can also be easily applied to other desserts. Dark chocolate with cranberries is also a great combination along with dates, oranges and cinnamon.

When it comes to dessert don’t cut corners and substitute with processed ingredients. Use fresh pumpkin, apples and don’t skimp on the fat, if it says use whole milk, use it! Thanksgiving dinner is a special occasion, which makes it a great time to eat those tempting desserts you wouldn’t normally enjoy.

No matter what you do with your Thanksgiving dessert, remember that much of what we eat around holidays is about tradition and comfort. Keeping with the flavours we recognize at the holidays might help your guests not miss the pumpkin pie as much.

Megan Cole is an award-winning Victoria, B.C.–based journalist and freelance writer. She most enjoys writing about food and music, and when she isn’t behind a keyboard or camera, you can find her in the kitchen or at a concert. Visit her other blogs at: victoriaculinaryunderground.com.