5 things to pack for Amsterdam

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In the summertime, Amsterdam becomes a fantastic tourist destination: beautiful, bustling, and alive with energy. You can spend your days taking trips down the canal, riding bikes, catching a summer festival or free concert, or enjoying your time lounging at the beach. While high tourist traffic means that museums and other sites might be more busy, there’s still plenty to do that makes the trip during the high season worth it: music festivals (including the mind-blowing Hortus festival where music from between 1850 to 1950 is performed on restored or replica instruments); fashion shows (July is a great time to find deals in designer shops in Amsterdam); flower parades, and open air theatre, dance, and cabaret.

It’s a city that will have you on the go catching the excitement and in need of an approach to travel that is light, functional, and prepared for all weather – July and August are Amsterdam’s hottest months, as well as their rainiest. Here’s a packing list to have you prepared for whatever the “city of sin,” might throw your way!

First, choose a great bag first

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Amsterdam is a city whose public transit is incredibly accessible and plus there’s always the option of seeing the city by bicycle (which can be a really fun and unique experience). In order to make sure you can make use of these cheap, convenient, (and environmentally friendly) modes of transportation, start your packing with a bag that has just enough space and storage that it’s more or less all you need. Choose something with good pockets, and that is easy to carry up and down stairs and through streets. If you pack light enough, a smaller travelling backpack can do.

A hat you love (and won’t mind transporting with you)

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If you’re not a hat person, choosing a hat for a hot summer vacation can be a trip all in itself. Put the effort in and find a hat that you love wearing and can work into your outfits for the trip, and that can easily be transported. Soft cotton hats without wires can be easily folded, but other styles – including the “twist and pop” sunhat – can also work. If you plan to spend all day outdoors enjoying the beauty of Amsterdam, you’ll need the shade!

Casual, comfortable, and cool walking shoes

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Amsterdam is an active city which means that great walking shoes are key to a comfortable trip. While sneakers or summer boots can work, a versatile, waterproof shoe, that protects and allows airflow are ideal. Fly in with your stylish and semi-comfortable shoes, but pack something reliable and athletic.

A travel umbrella

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Umbrellas bought in tourist cities are always overpriced, and often, of really poor quality. It is guaranteed to rain while you are in Amsterdam, so just face that fate! Pack an compact, travel sized umbrella in your bag for going about the city.

Cool, casual, clothing

Museum Square in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam is known for being more laid back that other European cities; fashion is casual and relaxed, rather than the more formal looks found in the everyday fashion of some European cities. Pack clothes that are comfortable, cool, and made from light fabrics, and aim for a laid back style. This can be easily achieved by dressing in layers, another essential for Amsterdam’s temperamental climate.

*Don’t forget to pack your camera as you take in all of the gorgeous sites. For amazing professional-looking photos, we suggest the Canon EOS 70D or the PowerShot SX410 IS. Shop the eStore for more great, easily packable options. Happy summer travels!

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