7 romantic ways to celebrate Victoria Day long weekend as a couple

A Happy Victoria day sign on a dock with a Canadian flag.
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Victoria Day long weekend is one of our favourite holidays. You may asking yourself, “Why? What is Victoria Day about anyway?” and our answer is: exactly. We love Victoria Day specifically because it has no designated purpose, no specific meal plan, and no mandatory activities. The holiday commemorates the birthday of Queen Victoria, who has been dearly departed since 1901, and so the holiday is more of an informal vacation and a celebration of the beginning of summer. These days are yours to use as you wish, but we think the long weekend is a great time for couple-related activities. The weather is warming up, and the holiday has no family obligations tied to it, so you can choose to celebrate the new season however you wish, preferably with someone special. Here are a few of our suggestions.

Have a picnic

Couple enjoying a picnic together.

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In many parts of Canada, it is now warm enough to pack up the picnic basket and head outside. Celebrate the warm season with a basket full of goodies, a nice comfy blanket, and a couple of hours spent in a park with your date. There are lots of great places you can have a picnic: at the beach, in a park, or even closer to home in your own backyard. Bring some decadent snacks, some bubbly drinks, and maybe some speakers to listen to romantic tunes. Science has never proven it, but we’re pretty sure everything tastes twice as good when you’re sitting on a blanket on the grass.

Get away

A bed with breakfast served on it.

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A long weekend gives you enough time to get a little further from home, so take advantage, and take a trip out somewhere beautiful and maybe a bit unfamiliar. Book a bed and breakfast, or try a luxury hotel, and spend your weekend exploring, eating, and dipping into a hotel hot tub. You can also splurge on spa treatments, go on hikes, try local restaurants, and stay in and watch movies. Get comfortable—after all, relaxed romance is the best kind.

Go on a bender

A man golfing.

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No, not a drinking bender! But find something you enjoy doing, and devote an entire weekend to it. Think of an activity that you and your partner wish you could do more often, and go nuts. Like movies? Get passes to a film fest, or just splurge and go see multiple movies per day. Into golf? Hit the green every morning until you’ve perfected your putt. Always wanted to try kayaking? Now’s your chance—take a starter class, and spend your weekend padding. And yes, if you love fine wine, you might want to check out a few vineyards for a bit more of a traditional bender.

Check out a local amusement park or fair

A couple at an amusement park.

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If you have kids, chances are you’ve never hit the fairway without being pulled along by your tiny, demanding progeny. You might be surprised by how fun it can be to have a relaxing, childless day at an amusement park. You can try out the games, eat some delicious deep-fried fare, and hit the scariest roller coaster you dare. And if you can’t handle the rides, you can sit on the sidelines and people-watch—an activity more fascinating than any funhouse.

Get sophisticated

A couple looking at art at an art museum or exhibition.

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Smart is sexy, so hit up your local art galleries and museums for a stimulating day of culture. Check your local university and see if there are any interesting speakers coming to town. If there’s a local orchestra where you live, go see a performance. You might be surprised to discover that these sort of activities no longer feel like chores—in fact, they’re a welcome relief from the barrage of bite-sized messages being hurled around at all times in the modern world. This opportunity to slow down will bring you and your partner closer together.

Go on a double date

A mature couple on a double date bike riding.

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How long has it been since you got together with another couple and saw a movie, had dinner, went bowling? Double-dating seems to have fallen out of style, but it’s actually a great way to spark up new conversations and break out of a rut. We spend so much time with our partners, and because we are comfortable with them, we can fall into routines. Getting together with another couple is a fun way to engage with new ideas, or to get different perspectives.

Go hot air ballooning

Hot air balloon.

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Want to try something out of the ordinary? If you’re anything like us, you’ve always wondered what it’s like to ride a hot air balloon. Early summer is the perfect time to try this amazing activity. As the landscape transforms and bursts into green, you can observe the beginning of summer from a totally new perspective. It’s also a great photo op, and something you’ll be able to tell your friends about for years to come. Nothing brings people together like going on an adventure.

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