8 silly April Fool’s Day pranks to play on your spouse

Man's shoes tied together
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April Fool’s Day is a great excuse to get silly and have some fun. And who better to prank than the people you love most in the world? Practical jokes don’t have to make huge messes, be overly complicated, or take loads of time, they can be fun and easy! Here are eight great pranks to play on your spouse that will leave you (and hopefully them!) laughing.

Block the remote signal with a piece of clear tape

A remote control and tape

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This is a great prank to play on anyone who loves to come home and turn on Netflix. Most TVs don’t even have an on-switch anymore, so it will take them forever to sort out this problem. And, a great part two to this prank would be to set the TV to an obnoxiously loud volume. When they finally remove the tape and turn the TV on, they will get a second surprise.

“Spill” something on their clothes, computer, or important documents

Fake spilled nail polish

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This one takes a little advanced planning. Grab some quick-dry nail polish (acrylic paint or craft glue will also work) and create a spill on some waxed paper. When the spill is dry, peel the paper off the back (or cut around the edges) and relocate the “spill” somewhere that will really freak them out, such as their work clothes, the screen of their tablet, or anywhere with a natural wood surface.

Leave a fake note

If your partner drives to work, leave a fake apology note that says, “Sorry, I hit your car,” and include a made-up name and phone number. Then you can watch while they inspect every inch of the car for a mark/dent that isn’t there. Plus, they will be so relieved that the car isn’t damaged when you reveal your prank that they might not even be mad!

Turn their mouth blue

Man brushing his teeth and they've turned blue

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Perfect for first-thing in the morning pranking. It would also be perfect right before bed, when your spouse has relaxed and believes they’ve safely made it through April Fool’s Day. Put a tiny drop of blue (purple and green also work great) food colouring in the middle of their toothbrush. It works best if the colour matches the bristles so it blends in. Then, when they start brushing, the colour will smear everywhere and they’ll have no idea what happened. And, this one is harmless because they are already brushing their teeth, so they can just rinse and brush again to clean it off.

Set the clocks ahead

Person in bed turning off alarm clock on side table

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Depending on how intense you want this prank to be, you can set alarm clocks, phones, computers, microwaves, etc., ahead anywhere from two to four hours. This prank is best for someone who can fall back asleep easily – and don’t forget that you will also have to wake up early to make the prank believable.

Mess with their cell phone

Man looking at his cell phone screen

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Thanks to our total reliance on cell phones these days, it makes them the perfect pranking accessory. There are so many things you can do, but here are a few ideas:

  • Schedule alarms, fake reminders, and silly appointments that will alert them all day long.
  • Go into the phone’s settings and create shortcuts for commonly used words. They will have no idea why auto-correct suddenly hates them so much.
  • Change your name to a famous celebrity (living or dead) and then send them hilarious texts from William Shakespeare, George Clooney, or Hillary Clinton throughout the day. If you could get a few people in on this, and change more than one name, bonus points to you.
  • Change the language setting. Simple, but effective.
  • Grab all the elastic bands from the kitchen drawer and wrap them around the phone until it’s completely covered.

Replace their shoes or slippers with sculpted bread

Sculpted bread slippers

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This one is fun and edible! Take two loaves of bread that are approximately the same size as your partner’s shoes (loafers or flats work best) or slippers. Artfully cut them and remove extra bread so that they end up looking just like shoes. Extra points if you dig out the toe area and your spouse gets one foot in there before realizing.

Don’t actually do anything

If you’re low on time, or can’t be bothered to put together a prank, a great way to still enjoy the holiday is to just drop a bunch of subtle (or even not-so-subtle) hints about all the practical jokes you intend to play, and then don’t actually do anything at all. Your spouse will spend the whole day tiptoeing around, anxiously awaiting a prank that will never happen.

Happy pranking, everyone!

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