9 Jobs That Will Keep You Young Forever

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Everybody looks forward to retirement, but what will you do once you get there? While there’s no need to stick to a lockstep schedule, performing some sort of job can be a satisfying way to spend your time a well as a source of extra income. Here are some second career options that are stress-free, fulfilling, and will keep you fit and healthy.



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Spending time around plants and nature has been proven to reduce stress and keep blood pressure low, so you might want to consider working in a flower shop or greenhouse as a relaxing second act.

Massage Therapist


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Massage therapists use their hands to release muscle tension, relieve pain, and improve physical and emotional well-being, making their line of work extremely gratifying.

Dog Walker

dog walker

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Who wouldn’t want to spend more time around furry friends? Dog walkers set their own schedule and get plenty of exercise, making it the perfect job for recent retirees.

Yoga Instructor


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An important element of yoga is the shivasana—a pose where you focus on your breathing and learn to relax while still conscious. Practicing yoga helps to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine keeping your body in peak physical condition.

Tour Guide

If there’s a museum, gallery, or historical monument you love nearby, you might want to consider becoming a tour guide. The job involves plenty of walking and socializing, and will allow you to become an authority on something you’re passionate about.

School Bus Driver

bus driver

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Many school bus drivers report that working with children is an extremely rewarding part of their job. Spending time with the younger generation is a surefire way to keep your mind sharp!



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If you’re one of the 76 percent of Canadians who affiliate themselves with an organized religion, consider becoming a leader in your faith. Forbes reports that members of the clergy maintain the highest job satisfaction out of any other profession.

Real Estate Agent

real estate agent

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While the market fluctuates, real estate agents tend to report consistently high levels of job satisfaction based on their control over the work they do and the high commissions they receive.

Small Business Owner

small business owner

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Whether you’re crafty, love to bake, or are a whiz at preparing tax returns, perhaps it’s time to cut all ties and become your own boss. People who work for themselves report being much more emotionally fulfilled by their careers than office drones, because they create their own hours and spend time working on what they love.

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