Canadians are sharing their most un-Canadian opinions on Twitter

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On Friday, a Canadian woman named Krista shared a tweet confessing that she did not love poutine. While many would expect such a revelation to be met with ridicule and scorn, Canadians across the country rallied around Krsita, drawing inspiration from her tweet. Soon, other Canucks started confessing their own secret opinions about Canadian culture, tagging their tweets with the hashtag #ImABadCanadianBecause.

Over the course of a few days some patterns began to emerge. Here were some of the most popular unpopular opinions.

Some people admitted that they are not actually hockey fans (or maybe just not Don Cherry fans):

Many expressed concerning opinions about Canadian music:

Some confessed that they had fallen prey to American culture: 

A shocking amount of citizens disparaged the national cuisine:

A few had forgotten to reinforce national pride by making fun of Americans:

And some had taken things too far:

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of concern over when to say “sorry”:


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