Grizzly bears in Alberta family’s backyard go straight for ducks

Language warning! When three grizzlies entered a family’s rural backyard in Pincher Creek, Alta., they had one thing in mind: lunch. The gourmet palette of the bears made them beeline for the duck pen, but even with incessant truck honking, hollering, and dogs barking, the bears appeared mostly undeterred. In an article by, experts suggest that the reason the bears were so hell-bent on getting what they were after was to prepare for winter hibernation. Conservationist Kevin Van Tighem says that bears have been getting accustomed to co-existing with humans and their “fearless” behaviour isn’t necessarily a bad or strange thing. “Most grizzly bear attacks are defensive attacks from bears that perceive a threat. So, if they don’t see us as a threat, that’s actually a good thing, because they’re less likely to attack,” Tighem says. Sounds good—but kindly leave our ducks alone, please and thanks!

Video courtesy of YouTube/Kayla Furlotte

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