Humanity has depleted Earth’s natural resources for a year

A human hand holding a city.
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Our natural resources are not, we repeat, NOT unlimited! We managed to use up all of our planet’s renewable resources for 2016 just 221 days into the year—it’s only August! According to the international research institute Global Footprint Network, we have surpassed Earth’s natural capital on Monday by overfishing, over foresting, and dumping more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than can be taken in. Known as “Earth Overshoot Day”—the ever-expanding world population and increasing consumption has sped up humanity’s ecological footprint. A press release issued by Balakrishna Pisupati (UNEP Division of Environmental Law and Conventions) and Mathis Wackernagel (Global Footprint Network) on August 8th states that the data shows that humanity demands 64% more from nature than planet Earth can renew. Some of the catastrophic consequences include climate change, topsoil erosion, and biodiversity loss.

Earth's grounds and natural resources.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Finance.

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