10 ways to make your plane ride more comfortable

Flying in comfort

Flying is rarely anyone’s favourite part of a trip. While we’re hurtling towards our destination, we’re often subjected to uncomfortable seats, cramped spaces, and terrible food. But, flying doesn’t have to be a pain! A little preparation can make your trip go from uncomfortable, to relaxing. All you need to do is incorporate some of these steps into your pre-flight routine.

Dress in loose fitting layers

Layering stretchy, comfy fabrics is a great way to be prepared for any airplane environment. You’ll be able to adapt to extremes in temperature—be it freezing or sweltering—and a flexible waistband will ensure you’re not squirming in your seat. While you may not be the most fashionable passenger on your flight, you will be the comfiest.

Don slip-ons

Wearing slip-on shoes makes getting through security that much easier. Just make sure you wear socks, you don’t want to have to walk through the airport in bare feet!

Bring a pillow

Whether you prefer the around-the-neck version, or a classic feather-filled rectangle, having something to rest your head on will definitely enhance the comfort of your flight. Try to secure a window seat for an even more satisfying nap.

Pack your own snack

Airplane food has been a running joke for decades, which is why we always recommend brown bagging it. Snacks like nuts, granola bars, and sandwiches travel well and ensure you’re not stuck overpaying for an underwhelming meal. Plus, healthy food will boost your energy level and ensure you’re not feeling bloated when you get to your destination.

Bring your own water bottle

Hydration is essential if you want to feel good when flying. Planes are intensely drying, and drink delivery is rarely reliable. While you can’t bring liquids through security, you can bring an empty water bottle and refill it once you get to your gate.

Put as much as possible in the overhead bin

We know the flight attendants always ask you to place your heavy bags underneath the set in front of you, but leg space is essential for a comfortable flight. Stuff as much as you can in the overhead bin and stretch out.

Take your shoes off after lift-off

This is a simple trick that instantly makes you feel more at home. Take your shoes off and spare your feet any uncomfortable swelling. We’d recommend bringing a pair of warm socks, or even slippers, to keep your toes cozy.

Bring noise-cancelling headphones

Yes, most airlines provide you with a pair of headphones, but those dinky disposables won’t block out the sounds of crying children or unpleasant passengers. A noise-cancelling headset will ensure you can focus on your book, a movie, or just getting some sleep.

Be nice

Airline employees have to deal with a lot of unpleasant behaviour. While the institutions they serve sometimes deserve passengers’ ire, it’s unlikely that a check-in attendant is to blame for a delayed flight. So, be nice to the people helping you get to your destination. They’ll appreciate it and may even repay your kindness with a seat upgrade or free drink. You never know!