Manitoba men raise money for rec centre by going topless in calendar

The men of Pilot Mound, ManitobaMr. Doug CollinsMr. Thomas (T.S.) Taylor

Thirteen seniors from Pilot Mound, Manitoba are raising money for their local recreation centre by posing topless in a flirty calendar. While previous years have featured ladies, Ginger Collins, the head of the centre’s fundraising committee, was inspired to change things up for 2016.

“Last spring, someone brought us a calendar from 2005 that they had that involved men,” she told the CBC. “We looked at it and said, ‘We have to do it.'”

The committee asked the town to nominate men to be featured in the calendar, which is how they ended up with their 13 studs. Each man was nominated based on his contributions to the community of Pilot Mound. They were all pictured doing something they loved.

“We wanted to really capture what each of the guys was all about and their careers and interests,” said Collins.

The calendars have been a big hit so far—the models were asked to autograph dozens of copies at the launch. According to Collins, the proceeds are already helping to pay for an expansion to the rec centre.

“I think it will probably end up being one of our best [fundraisers] … It’s fabulous!”