Photographer Paul Zizka will captivate you


Adventure and landscape photographer Paul Zizka resides in Banff, Alberta, a place he deems the most inspiring place he’s ever shot. Before moving to his home in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, his expectations were created solely on his friends’ personal accounts and photos of the famously scenic location. “I was still blown away mostly by the sense of scale and the majesty of the place,” he says. Zizka captures the blue crystal lakes and wildlife to the snowy summits and night skies. “We have the four seasons,” he says, “And in the fall, everything changes colour.” Zizka describes being endlessly inspired by his surroundings and aims to capture something timeless that will enable him to revisit exactly where he shot his images, even if it’s only in his mind.

To view Paul’s tips on using HDR, see his how-to video here.

Paul Zizka is an award-winning mountain landscape and adventure photographer based out of Banff, Alberta. Zizka specializes in taking photos of difficult to reach places and backcountry landscapes. To find out more about his photography and workshops, check out

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