A trip with Habitat for Humanity inspired Laurie Myles to start her own charity

Laurie Myles used her vacation time to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Wondering if she could do something more to give back, she co-founded the charity GiveGetGo, which helps build schools for underprivileged children in countries like Guatemala. While this may seem like a departure from her furniture making business, Laurie feels that her two passions go hand in hand.

“There is a lot of simpatico between building furniture and building schools in Guatemala. These things are so tangible. You sit and work on them and then it’s a classroom or it’s a piece of furniture.”

She was inspired to take her first trip with Habitat for Humanity by her son, who discovered a love for snowboarding. Laurie wanted to find her own passion and chose to take time off work to volunteer with some friends. Their amazing experience inspired them to combine their talents and create GiveGetGo. Now, the three women lead trips where volunteers first help build schools, and then get to immerse themselves in Guatemalan culture.

You can find out more about Laurie’s projects at brucebeam.com and givegetgo.ca.

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