That’s Art: Paul Booth the Tattooist

When you book your consultation for a tattoo with Paul Booth, you’ll be getting much more than an ink job. Similar to a kind of psychotherapy session, the tattoo artist will try to gain your trust, get inside of your head, and use what he’s learned to create your perfect monster. Specializing in demonic images, Booth is known as the master of macabre and was dubbed the king of rock tattoos by Rolling Stone magazine in 2002. With a popular tattoo shop called the Last Rites (which opened in 2006) in New York City and a somewhat unorthodox method to tattooing, Booth has collected a client roster made up of big names in the metal music industry, such as bands Slipknot and Slayer. But, don’t expect a tattoo by the bold and daring Booth anytime soon—the wait list is about three years.

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