6 durable, compact, and comfortable gifts for globetrotters

Photo by Oliveromg/Shutterstock.com

Shopping for the person who has everything – and goes everywhere – can be difficult. Luckily, there are a range of practical items for the traveller in your life that are sure to please and surprise this holiday season.

Good travel items are compact, multi-use, and make journeys relaxing and breezy. The items on this list strike a balance between high quality, durability, and a good price point, and are the types of gifts that will go to good use for those on the road, in the air, or whatever adventure they may find themselves on.

The perfect backpack


Photo courtesy of Solo.net

Being able to access all of your necessities, without straining your body in the process, is a travel must as far as we’re concerned. This Solo backpack has excellent padded straps for comfort, separate compartments for your laptop and tablet, and lots of pockets for organization and easy access.

Noise cancelling headphones


Photo courtesy of Bose.

Noise cancelling headphones are great for those times when you need a little bit of zen – or maybe your preferred noise of choice – in the midst of a busy world around you. This inner ear model by Bose are a compact solution for travellers seeking high quality listening (or not listening) experience. Stuff stockings with a carrying case or adaptor for in-flight media as an added bonus to a great gift.

Portable power station

power adaptor

Photo courtesy of Mophie


Finding directions for getting to the hotel, looking up the best place to eat, or even staying in touch with family can all be put on hold the moment a phone’s battery decides to call it quits. This compact and powerful Powerstation Mini will add twice as much battery life to a smartphone.

Collapsible water bottle

water bottle

Photo courtesy of Vapur

Finding space for a water bottle in your travel bag can be irritating, but having to pick up an overpriced bottle of water (and then toss the bottle…) is perhaps, even worse. Collapsable water bottles are the perfect solution for making sure you stay hydrated, your bag stays light, and you stay annoyance free.

Travel towel


Photo courtesy of MEC

Travel towels are genius: they are compact and easy to pack, and dry incredibly quick, making them ideal for outdoor activities and unconventional trips. You’ll never have to worry if that yurt in the middle of nowhere will have clean towels.

Packing Cubes

packing cubes

Photo courtesy of Eagle Creek

For those who need a little extra organization. These packing cubes keep items in your luggage safe and clean, and easily roll-up and compress for maximum packing space. Use them to organize garments or separate your clothing from your partner’s.