The best markets in Canada

There’s nothing like going to a local farmers’ or flea market to feel like you’re participating in a community. Whether you’re looking for fresh fruit and veg in your neighbourhood, or hunting for treasures on a cross-country road trip, markets offer a unique insight into the personality, and history, of a region.

Beyond good shopping, these markets are often beautiful spaces—perfect for wandering around and snapping a few shots. Make sure you pack your DSLR (Canon has a great line of cameras for everyone from beginners to experts) so you can take detailed pictures of the curiosities you spot, or panoramas of market scenes.

Canada has no shortage of colourful markets to visit, but here are a few of our favourites:

Aberfoyle Antique Market
Guelph, Ontario

This maze-like outdoor antique market is the oldest in the country. You’ll find everything from vintage records, to antique furniture, to Pyrex dishes and novelty glasses. While most of the stands are only open during the summer, there are a few freestanding buildings that offer an awesome (and occasionally eerie) array of curiosities. You could spend a whole day flitting from stand to stand, looking for treasures and taking photos of all the oddball souvenirs and knickknacks on display.

Bastion Square Markets
Victoria, British Columbia

Based in the historic Bastion Square, this seasonal market offers the best of southern BC’s produce and crafts. You can wander through rows of unique goodies while overlooking the Victoria harbour, or duck inside one of the beloved restaurants or pubs in the square for a quick bite. You can capture everything from the beautiful view, to the colourful displays, to the heritage architecture by using Canon’s EOS Rebel T5i’s clever Scene Intelligent Auto Mode. You’ll be able to transition from indoor to outdoor lighting no problem.

Fireweed Community Market
Whitehorse, Yukon

Offering classes as well as local produce, this community-building market hopes to provide seasonal goods to its diverse shoppers. You can capture the region’s unique landscape with Canon EOS 70D’s crystal-clear HD video capabilities, or simply capture stunning images of Yukon delicacies and crafts on display. Just make sure you try the fireweed honey!

Fredericton Boyce Farmers’ Market
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Although it may not be the biggest on this list, Fredericton’s Boyce Farmers market is well loved. Open every Saturday during the summer, this market is full of local food trucks, produce, and fun activities for the kids. We recommend trying out the lobster rolls—they’re to die for—as you wander around the stands.

Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market
Halifax, Nova Scotia

While this market has a history stretching back to 1750, it’s most recent incarnation is the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, which opened in 2010. The indoor market features 250 vendors in a beautiful seaside building. You’ll be able to peruse rows of fresh produce from nearby farms, handcrafted items created by NSCAD students, or grab a cup of coffee from one of the beloved local coffee roasters. Best of all, the natural light-filled market is perfect for taking stunning shots of the goods¬–and people–on display.

Lachute Farmers’ Market, flea market, and horse auction
Lachute, Quebec

This year-round market has a little bit if everything. Started in the 1950s as a place for farmers to buy and sell their goods and horses, the market now has an antiques mall and two restaurants. You can hunt for vintage clothes and retro furnishings (although the organizers warn that they disappear fast!), get your groceries, and take a gander at the ponies on display. If you brought your EOS Rebel T5i you can use its HD movie mode to capture the horses, or snap a shot with the local Elvis impersonator.

Market Collective
Calgary, Alberta

Local chefs and bakers will keep you well fed while you wander through colourful rows of stalls showing off ceramics, prints, upcycled bags, and microbrewery beer. This youthful arts market was created to help local artisans, musicians, and craftsmen more easily reach their communities. Now in its seventh year, the collective is a great way to see what innovative goods are being developed in Calgary.

Saskatoon Farmers’ Market
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This 40-year-old market showcases the best of prairie produce and local artisans. You’ll be able to buy fresh garlic and corn, along with local wine, and handmade moccasins and mukluks. The member-owned non-profit operates year-round, ensuring visitors can always find a wide array of locally made goodies. There’s an open-air market in the summer, and plenty of fun events throughout the year. Plus, the market is located on the river making it a perfect photo-op for you EOS Rebel T6i. You can share your stunning photos with your social network instantly.