Tips for creating the perfect s’more

Ooey, gooey goodness—that’s the definition of s’mores. It’s the ultimate campfire treat that will have kids and parents coming back for more, and this advice is sure to help you get the most out of each and every one.

Be prepared

Like any good chef knows, preparation is half the battle. If you know what you want as an end result, then you know the ingredients you’ll need. So chop up the chocolate, set out the cookies, put the marshmallows in a bowl, and have some roasting sticks ready.

Be patient

To roast your marshmallow perfectly, you’ll need to start with a fire that isn’t too hot. Look for hot glowing embers. With your marshmallow on a stick, hold it above the embers turning often so it doesn’t catch on fire. This could take awhile, but the more patient you are, the better the result will be. To ensure your marshmallow comes out golden brown, read “The science behind roasting the perfect marshmallow.” Once it’s roasted to your liking, sandwich it between the chocolate and cookies of your choice and enjoy!

Don’t be afraid to experiment

While the classic s’more is no doubt delicious, you don’t have to use the same recipe they used at Camp Watchamacallit 35 years ago. Here are a few simple ways to switch things up.

Cookies: Yes, graham cookies are the classic choice, but they’re crumbly and hard to eat, so why not try new variations using buttery shortbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered digestives, or even ginger cookies. The only real rule here is that your cookie should be bigger than your marshmallow.

Chocolate: Try cutting up chocolate bars instead of using chocolate chips. This will prevent such messy s’mores and you can get really creative here. Use your favourite chocolate bar (perhaps a chocolate covered peanut butter cup?) and cut it into pieces approximately the same size as your cookie to make a nice hand-held package. If you want to get sophisticated, try some dark chocolate or flavoured chocolate from your local specialty food shop.

Planking: While you don’t need a firepit for this method, this is arguably the superior way to make s’mores. Just as you would if you were cedar planking a salmon steak on the barbecue, start with a plank that you’ve soaked overnight. Poke a hole in each end of the marshmallow and jam it full of chocolate. Next, brush the marshmallow with melted butter and roll it in the cookie crumbs of your choice. Place the soaked plank on the grill for a couple minutes on each side., then place the prepared marshmallows on the plank. Close the lid and let them bake for about three minutes, or until they reach your desired gooeyness. Remove the plank and set it on a cookie sheet. Now use your cookies to scoop up the delicious goodness.

Bon appetit!