A rare sapphire blue lobster caught off Cape Cod

A blue lobster.
Photo courtesy of jhy5187/Shutterstock

It’s a Cape Cod fisherman’s lucky day! Earlier this week, a fisherman found something unusual in his lobster trap off the coast of Cape Cod: a 2-pound sapphire blue crustacean—a one in two million catch! Wayne Nickerson is the owner and captain of FV Windsong in Plymouth and has been fishing lobsters for over 35 years. According to an interview with ABC, this is the second blue lobster he’s caught. The story went viral after his wife Jan posted the photo to social media. It’s been liked by over 1,800 people and shared by 2,000 more. That’s one cool, blue lobster!

A blue lobster on a pile of regular ones.

Photo courtesy of Jan Nickerson and ABC News

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