Forget your camera has a flash and turn up your ISO

Nothing kills a party mood quite like a bright flash from a camera. It also kills the photo, too. Sometimes you’ll find yourself at an event where the only light in the room is emanating from the candles on a birthday cake or maybe a lava lamp if you’re feeling groovy, but you don’t need a flash to capture the moment. In fact, you’ll see that using the flash will completely change the event’s natural dynamic. To more accurately capture the mood and create depth in your photos, choose a higher ISO coupled with a wide aperture (a lower number), and the camera will do the rest for you. Watch the how-to video above with photographer Rob Davidson for details on how to master photography in low lighting. Learning this technique is especially fitting as we bid farewell to summer as the days become shorter—and darker. It’s easy and you’ll never have to temporarily blind your family members and friends again with that white blast of light!

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