How To Take Drool-worthy Photos Of Food

They call it food porn. Those outrageously delicious-looking photos of food that you can’t resist—and in case you didn’t know, there’s a certain way to achieve it. In this video, photographer Rob Davidson takes his Canon PowerShot GX 7 Mark II  and illustrates how to shoot food in order to get that detailed (and appetizing) look. Shooting from above and keeping natural light from the window behind the food will enhance its texture with shadows. The camera’s macro lens can go from 50 to 5 cm for a nice detailed shot and its built-in flip-up viewfinder allows for an overhead shot, an interesting perspective that shows us the bigger picture from the icing to the plate. Watch the video to learn more and start taking photos of your meals that will have your friends’ palettes salivating in no time.

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