Young man looking to ‘hot pot’ dissolves at Yellowstone Park

The Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park USA
Photo by New Saetiew/Shutterstock

There’s a reason you’re not supposed to venture off-trail in national parks and other potentially dangerous locations. When 23-year-old Colin Scott and his sister visited Yellowstone National Park from Portland, Oregon, they made the crucial mistake of ignoring warning signs and designated pathways in an effort to find a hot spring in the Norris Geyser basin to soak in. The area is known to have spots of boiling acidic waters and there’s reportedly a closure in place to prevent people from getting too close for their personal safety as well as to protect the area’s natural resources. However, Colin and his sister, Sable Scott, left the boardwalk near Pork Chop Geyser and made their way to a hot pool where Sable’s brother kneeled down to test the water’s temperature. Sable’s phone was in recording mode, but had no idea what she was about to capture. Colin slipped and fell into the boiling acidic waters where he died and began to dissolve, to his sister’s utter horror. A lightning storm prevented National Park officials from retrieving the disintegrating body—until the next day, that is, when it was too late. The young traveller’s body had already dissolved completely.

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