Say hello to Canada’s new national bird

Gray jay
Photo by Pacific Northwest Photo/Shutterstock

The Royal Canadian Geographic Society has spoken. They’ve selected the gray jay, also known as the whiskey jack and Canada jay, to be Canada’s new national bird—and not everyone is happy about it. Apparently other contenders were: the common loon, snowy oil, and black-capped chickadee. The gray jay is a member of the crow and jay family found in the boreal forests across North America. Many Canadians are questioning the obscure choice in favour of a more well-known bird, but apparently the gray jay’s characteristics of being hardy, friendly and smart can be applied to Canadians. Also, they didn’t want a bird that was already a provincial symbol, like the ones mentioned above. Twitter has erupted in angry Tweets by Canadians about the decision wondering if anyone has actually seen a gray jay before.

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