Two moose found frozen in ice mid-fight

Moose antlers encased in ice
Photo courtesy of GlobalNews and Jeff Erickson. Moose antlers encased in ice after fight in Unalakleet, Alaska.

In case you missed it, two moose were found frozen near a remote village of Unalakleet, Alaska, during what appears to have been a fight. The unusual discovery came while Brad Webster, a Unalakleet middle school teacher and volunteer at Covenant Bible Camp, was showing a friend around a slough near the bible study camp. Student activities director of Bering Strait School District in Unalakleet, Jeff Erickson, snapped some of his own photos a few days later when he visited the scene of the battle. According to an article by Global News, Erickson grew up in the area having hunted for 50 years and has never come across anything like this.

Two moose antlers locked together encased in ice in Alaska

Photo courtesy of GlobalNews and Jeff Erickson

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