10 easy ways to stay fit, healthy, and happy on vacation

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While we may be tempted to sleep in, eat rich foods, and have a few too many drinks while travelling, keeping a healthy lifestyle in mind can make a vacation experience (and the shocking transition back to your everyday life) much more pleasant. If you exercise regularly, why stop on vacation? If you’re someone who doesn’t have time to  regularly workout, your vacation break might be just the right time to try and fit some physical activity in. Finding easy ways to integrate healthy habits into your vacation will make your body feel great—and you’ll have some fun too!

1. Pack right

Pack right

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Running shoes are an obvious necessity for someone looking to stay active during their trip. Other small items like resistance bands or a jumping rope are also great items to chuck in a suitcase, allowing you to workout wherever you are.

2. Walk or bike

Walk or bike

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Walks between local destinations, or between your resort and a restaurant, are a great way to introduce some exercise into your everyday activities. Skipping the cab or public transit will give you plenty of time to get in some light cardio and see sites along the way, not to mention save you a bit of cash. For slightly longer trips, renting a bicycle might be another fit-friendly option.  

3. Drink smart

Coconut water

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Choose low sugar and low calorie drinks, as opposed to syrupy-sweet cocktails or other “heavy” beverages. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge here and there, but sipping margaritas by the pool all day can add up (and also leave you with a bit of a headache). Tequila or vodka with soda or tonic, and perhaps a splash of fruit juice or a twist is a nice light alternative.

4. Get active

Including fitness and wellness activities as part of your travel itinerary is a great way to ensure that your trip is a healthy one, and also makes for a really unique travel experience. Big cities often offer interesting and innovative exercise classes that you might not find elsewhere, and some resorts offer dance, yoga, snorkelling, or other fun activities.

5. Enjoy nature

Enjoy nature

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Take hikes or leisurely walks is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of your destination. If you’re not and experienced hiker, it’s worth inquiring about group hikes for beginners through sightseeing services. Nature is calming, making these activities good for your body, mind, and soul.

6. Listen to your body


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Know when you need to rest, and when you can afford to exert energy. Often travellers get burnt out trying to do too many things during their trips, and in hot weather, heat and sunstroke can be a major issue. Hydrate well, and remember to rest. This is your vacation, after all!

7. Hit the gym


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If you’re someone who loves working out in a gym, consider the quality of the fitness room at your hotel when you’re booking your trip. Travelling is a good time to indulge a bit, and for a gym rat, there’s no better treat than a beautiful fitness centre with excellent equipment.

8. Start early

Early morning run

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Get up early in the morning and head out for a brisk walk or run. It’s a great way to get a head-start on your day, leaving you more time for fun and relaxation. Not to mention, getting your heart pumping first thing in the morning is a great way to energize and wake up!

9. Eat right


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A vacation might be the time for indulgence, but if you’re someone who normally eats a healthy balanced diet, tiny changes like extra sugar, fats, or carbohydrates can have big effects on your body’s functioning, leaving you feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, or with an upset stomach. Keep this in mind and treat your body right.

10. Run new roads


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If you’re a marathon runner—or interested in becoming one—a vacation may be just the right time to do a run. If you’re training for the first time, committing to an easy 5k at the end of a trip will give you something to work towards (and a chance to get in shape before you hit the beach, if that’s your thing). Many serious runners travel for marathons, but that doesn’t mean that the less seasoned runner can’t enjoy the same experience.

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