5 easy ways to feel great this winter

Winter scene

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects roughly 2% of Canadians, and many others simply feel a dip in mood during the colder, less sunlight-filled months. To head off those winter blues, we suggest taking one (or several) of these steps. They’ll help you feel your best even as the temperature sinks.

1. Get outside

Yes it’s cold but getting outside and spending time in natural light has been proven to help treat SAD. The fresh air and vitamin D will help boost your energy levels and wake you up after hours spent inside.

2. Stick to a schedule

Keeping a regular sleep schedule is key to feeling your best during the week and has been proven to help combat SAD. While it may seem like no problem to stay up an extra hour and catch Scandal, you really should just DVR it and keep your usual bedtime.

3. Keep moving

Ensuring you’re exercising during the fall will help you prevent SAD symptoms, and staying active throughout the winter will keep your mood high. They aren’t kidding when they say you get a rush of endorphins after a run!

4. Invest in a light box

The real issue during the winter is not getting enough sunlight. If you’re having trouble escaping the house or office to get it the regular way (or if the weather is terrible) consider investing in a light box. This specialized lamp will fake the sun’s rays and you can sit in front of it while reading or even watching TV.

5. Take a trip

If you have the time and funds try escaping to a warmer climate. A week or two away has been proven to help people through the winter, even if scientists aren’t sure why. I guess that overexposure to sunshine just gives you a boost!